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Rakxe is one modern professional company, specializing in R&D, manufacturing and sales of light, energy saving, low-carbon, eco-friendly scooters and vehicles with high performance.

RAKXE persists in offering superior driving experience and first-class safety, integrates prominent originality and design, committed to research and development of intelligent, safe, energy efficient and low-carbon electric scooters and vehicles. RAKXE currently has invested two main manufacturing bases of 87,000 square meters, comprehensive testing center and Quality Management System in Zhejiang and Jiangsu province, managing the specialized motor, controller, plastic part, frame, painting and frame electrophoresis spare parts&accessories factories, make sure the high quality standard production capacity of 950,000 whole sets.

Together with the strategic cooperation of domestic universities, specialized research institutes and international technical design alliances, all Rakxe models have acquired CE, EN15194, EEC, RoHS, EPAC and DOT etc.. RAKXE has established the industry-leading R&D centers of electric motor, li-ion battery and controller etc., has developed advanced technologies of ingenious advantages, such as disc power motor, super strong 68V V8 and A8 magnetic power motor, digital 5-in-1 anti-theft lock, dual spring damper, GBS super braking system, dual hall sensorless motor, straight cylinder shock absorber and F16 magnetic motor etc., which including more than 50 exclusive national patents.

The core of man's spirit comes from new experiences, with the unceasing new innovations, RAKXE keeps on improving all products in full ranges of fashion, intelligent operation, standard and simplicity etc.. From electric scooters to electric bikes, from utility versions to standard ones, RAKXE endeavors to perfect all series vehicles��?performance, to supply excellent leisure moving life and greener future.

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